Group Workshops

LAUNCH offers a suite of workshops suitable for groups of all sizes. We would love to facilitate a workshop for your youth group, camp, classroom or conference. See the description below for some of our most popular workshops.

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Each year we partner with several organizations (Camp Mini-Yo-We, Ontario Pioneer Camp), conferences (Change Conference, Today's Teens Conference) and churches to enhance their annual leadership development programs through facilitation of group workshops and/or usage of our suite of online assessment tools. Would a Group Training Partnership be right for your organization? If you’re a teacher, youth pastor, camp leader or short-term mission agency and want to maximize young leader development in your group, contact us! 

Multi-workshop partnership discounts are available. To learn more about Group Training Partnerships and our workshop PLUS options (facilitated in tandem with our suite of online 360° Leadership Assessment tools), click here. To learn more about our online tools, click here.

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Here are some of our most popular workshops:


What's Your Spark?

We can use our unique God-given gifts, talents, passions and experiences to make a difference in our world. Through stories, interactive activities and small group discussion, participants will be sparked to action as they brainstorm ways to connect their own abilities with ideas for change. Participants will be challenged to identify the needs, burdens and injustices in their communities and recognize their role in the solution.

The workshop really made me think about how I can use my skills/ gifts/ passions to create change.
— 16 year old student

Hearing God

God wants to communicate with his creation and he does so in numerous ways, some of them unique to who we are. But how do I know its Him? Engaged in quiet reflection, group discussion and activities, participants will learn how to recognize and hear God as they navigate their faith journey. Presented with Biblical examples and survey results detailing the most common ways Christians hear God, participants will be motivated to spend more time listening, discerning and pursuing God’s desires.

Thank you. You’ve really impacted the kids and helped them encounter God this weekend.
— Youth Pastor

How to Make Great Decisions

Making big life decisions without all the facts or without getting wise advice leaves young people feeling confused and unsure. Should I get a part-time job? Should I go to University? Should I date? Challenged to identify the best choice when faced with a myriad of options, feedback and concerns, participants will practice making great decisions with real life examples. Participants will learn the steps needed to make confident decisions and be able to apply this skill as they discern God’s direction in their own lives.

It had a lot of good insights and advice for our lives. Was very interactive and kept people involved and engaged.
— 15 year old workshop attendee


We’re all part of a team (the body of Christ); yet working with others can be fun and exciting or challenging and difficult! Provided with examples of Biblical teamwork, participants will discover how to be effective team members and learn about the essential characteristics needed for a team to thrive. Through group discussion and interactive activities, participants will recognize the value that they, and their team mates, contribute to the success of a team.

Very useful, practical and definitely worth my time. Glad I went to improve my leadership skills (because it did).
— 16 year old workshop attendee

Rooted Identity

Where do we find our value and worth: from what the media portrays, from what other people think or in what God says about us? Our self worth is established by answering these important questions. Focusing on God’s perspective, participants will be challenged to discover their identity in Christ and will learn how to live lives based on this daily reality.

Icon_Why Bother Growing

Why Bother Growing

Ever thought about what it takes to grow in leadership, where to start and what to focus on? Understanding where we are in our leadership, including recognizing positive and negative blind spots, helps us develop a realistic growth plan of where we would like to be. This workshop will help participants to see the benefits of growing in leadership, encourage focus on specific development areas and show the action steps required to ensure growth can be measured over time.

Following Jesus

Jesus is calling us to follow Him and engage in the life of adventure that He has planned for us. What does it mean to follow Jesus? Through Scripture review and discussion on the challenges and opportunities that await a life of discipleship, participants will learn the difference between accepting Jesus and following Him daily. Participants will be challenged to join Jesus’ mission and increase their commitment to being His disciple.